How to write an epic wedding speech as a Best Man or Maid of Honor

Knowing how to write an epic wedding speech will enliven and entertain your guests, and make your newly married friend very happy with you ... photo by CC user sailor_coruscant on Flickr

So you just got tapped to be the best man or the maid of honor for your bestie’s wedding, and you are stoked.

However, this honor and responsibility comes with a task you have been half-dreading: the speech at the reception.

You’ve seen what a disastrous delivery of this task is like, and you are determined to avoid it yourself. How do write an epic speech that will stand out as a highlight of your friend’s special day?

We’ll go over several crucial points below on how to write an epic wedding speech, so pay attention and make sure you commit the following info to memory…

1) Brainstorm ideas for stories from you and your friend’s past

Start preparing several weeks before by going through the past history that you and your BFF have had together.

During that period, the two of you are likely to have had some memorable adventures that adequately demonstrate why your friend will be an incredible spouse for their partner.

Keep the cringe factor to a minimum, but craft the copy so that there will be moments where your multi-generational audience will likely laugh.

2) Express gratitude for family on both sides and organizers at the start

At the start of your remarks though, be absolutely certain that you heap tons of gratitude on the families on both sides of the aisle (especially the parents).

Many guests have flown in or have driven from far and wide for this glorious day, so by thanking them, you will be setting the tone for a well-received speech.

Thanking the organizers (planners, caterers, DJ/band, etc) will also go over very well, as without the hard work of any of these pieces of the puzzle, the wedding and reception would have not gone off without a hitch.

3) Avoid controversy in your speech

While it might be funny to talk about subjects like drinking, sex, and other outlandish behavior in your peer group in causal settings, remember that you are at a wedding, an event with an air of formality about it.

Additionally, you will be speaking to a wide spectrum of folks who span across different age groups and belief structures.

Sprinkling in ‘R’ rated subject matter might seem hilarious to you when you are penning your speech at 2 am with a glass of single malt whiskey to keep you company, but it will come out disastrously when you are spilling your beans about a scandalous night out to an audience that includes the bride’s conservative 85 year old grandmother.

Keep it PG please.

4) You are not at TED: 5 minutes max!

You might be tempted to weave together the best speech of all time that will enrapture your audience and bring the house down … that’s all well and good. The problem is that too many eager orators don’t know when to wrap it up; for all but the most talented speakers, you will begin to lose a room to boredom at around the five minute mark.

Let’s face it: people are impatiently waiting to let loose on the open bar, and speaking for a long time will only irritate the people you are trying to entertain.

Keep it tight, and your fellow guests will love you for it!