Marc J Leder Will Invest in Technology and Medical Industries

What would you pay or give up to the investment advice from the founder of one of the country’s most successful private equity firms? If you are reading this article, you can consider yourself lucky, as co-founder of Sun Capital Partners Inc., Marc J Leder gives this advice free of charge. When asked about which industries would boom next at the Fostering a Legacy fundraiser event, Marc J Leder predicted that developments in the technology and medical sectors would be amazing. “They are growing at an exponential rate in terms of technology,” he confirmed. “Business is business and it can help technology and medical industries evolve.” Those of you who have never heard of Marc J Leder might wonder why anyone should pay any attention to what some random banker is saying, but Marc J Leder is not just random banker.


Marc J Leder’s Impressive Educational and Career Backgrounds

Marc Leder first worked for Lehman Brothers in New York after graduating from the exclusive Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor degree in Economics. Apparently he proved himself to be so indispensable to the company that he was made Senior Vice President. Nevertheless, Marc J Leder wanted to have his own company in order to have more leeway in decision making, so he left New York, Lehman Brothers and investment banking in 1995 for Boca Raton, Florida and established Sun Capital Partners Inc. with his fellow Wharton classmate Rodger Krouse. Sun Capital Partners Inc. is now a highly profitable global equity firm specializing in company buy outs. Over the years, Sun Capital Partners Inc. has invested capital in over 330 companies all around the globe from a variety of industries, like paper and packaging, retail, restaurants, and consumer products. Marc J Leder feels an immense sense of satisfaction helping and seeing struggling companies get revived and find their mojo again.

Marc J Leder Believes in Great Corporate Culture

When Marc J Leder looks for a potential target company, he first looks at its company culture. According to a lot of studies and research done by Sun Capital Partners Inc., great company culture is an excellent predictor of performance over time. Marc J Leder said, “We invest in formalized culture studies for each portfolio company, and then we work with management to improve the culture.” He and his partner Rodger Krouse look for four important criteria: adaptability, mission, involvement and consistency. A target company that possesses high marks for all these four attributes has a high chance of being accepted by Sun Capital Partners Inc. Marc J Leder especially likes to look at “involvement”. He said, “Involvement has the strongest correlation with performance. By involvement, we mean team orientation, empowerment and capability development.” If you can find a technological or medical company that fulfills all the requirements reiterated by Marc J Leder in this article, you should hurry up and invest in it, before everybody else and their neighbor gets wind of it.