A Closer Look: Jon Bunge

You may have heard of a company titled Kirkland & Ellis LLP, but have you heard of one of its litigation Partners? A prized team member of the Kirkland & Ellis Chicago Office, Jon Bunge serves as a member of the team whom brings years and years of experience to the table. But that’s not all. In order to better understand exactly who Jon Bunge is, let’s take a closer look at who he is along with his professional background, below.


Professional experience in and out of the office

Currently serving as a litigation Partner at the Chicago Office of Kirkland &Ellis, Jon Bunge comes forth with a plethora of accomplishments and a long list of experience that has helped him to reach the professional level at which he stands today. Some of his professional accomplishments include serving as a former federal prosecutor and serving as a Supreme Court law clerk. His extensive litigation experience is comprised of handling both state and federal commercial cases over the years. In fact, he has, over the years, tried over thirty different cases, some of which lasted several weeks each. During most of these cases, Mr. Bunge served as the first chair litigator.

These cases varied in subject matter quite a bit, ranging from contract disputes, litigation under the Uniform Commercial Code, fraud and other cases under the federal racketeering statute or also known as the RICO. In addition to these cases, Jon Bunge has also handled several different appeals and appellate arguments, including about twenty different appellate arguments that were brought before the federal appellate bench. With most of his cases, he has seen success in his trails and has seen success in each and every one of his appeals.

He has also spent time working on several different commercial disputes where he has represented both small business and large multinational corporations.

Experience working with the Attorney’s Office

Before he began his career at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Mr. Bunge served as the Deputy Chief of the General Crimes Division of Chicago’s Untied States Attorney’s Office. During his time working at the United States Attorney’s Office, he worked with and prosecuted a series of high profile cases such as the prosecution of the Ford Heights, Illinois Chief of Police and the prosecution of six other police officers who were charged with corruption and racketeering charges. In addition, he served as the lead prosecutor in the various cases that surrounded the Silver Shovel investigation into the possible corruption thought to be occurring within the City and State government. On top of all this, he has also lead a prosecution into a terrorism case that involved a Puerto Rica independence group and its efforts to blow up a military recruiting office.

Educational experience

Jon Bunge graduated from Princeton University in 1984 before completing his JD in 1988 from the University of Chicago.

With years and years of professional experience as well as a strong educational background, Jon Bunge has proven himself to be knowledgeable and effective when working on various cases of different sizes and importance.