Men Should Be More Active in Checking Health Needs

For the millions and millions of men out there, how many of them do you think do an accurate job of taking care of their health needs?


Unfortunately, that percentage is probably much lower than it should be.

For many men, the thought of doing self-help practices and regularly seeing a family physician is as foreign a concept as how to pick out a dress for their significant others.

So, whether you are a man or a woman deeply invested in your male partner, take some time in the New Year to determine how men’s health should not be swept under the rug as it all too often is.

Where Should You Start on the Road to Better Health?

For those men out there falling behind on sound health practices, keep the following pointers in mind moving forward:

  • Regular physicals – Just as women need them, men should also make sure they see their family doctor on a regular basis. Not doing so opens up the door for problems, some of which can be hard to fix. By having a routine exam (including lab work) yearly, many men could cut down on the issues they face such as prostate cancer, skin cancer, heart disease and more. Although it is perfectly understandable to be a little hesitant in going to the doctor’s office, it very well may end up saving your life;
  • Sex life – How many men do you think put major importance on their sex lives? While the exact percentage may be hard to underscore, it is safe to say that for many men, what goes on in the bedroom is important. That said visiting a doctor regularly can help those men with issues in the bedroom, notably erectile dysfunction. Before any guy even gets to his doctor’s office to be checked out, he can consider taking a sperm test. Such a test allows him to (with his smartphone of all things) to check the level of motile sperm. Yes, the age of technology can do wonders. Men can also talk with their significant others and get their feedback as to how physical (or lack thereof) the sex life is between the two of them;
  • Exercise – For those 300-pound plus men out there falling in love with their couches, a word or two of advice. Being a couch potato is a great (not literally) lead in to having health issues. From potential heart disease to diabetes and more, being inactive doesn’t do you any good whatsoever. Even if you just get out and walk 15-30 minutes a day or get to a gym a few times a week with your significant other or a buddy, get off that couch pronto. Doing so will likely increase the years you will be around to enjoy some downtime, maybe even time on your couch.

Don’t Bypass Your Dietary Needs

  • Diet – Just as important as exercise is so too is your diet. By watching what you eat, you can improve your odds of living a longer and healthier life. This does not necessarily mean that you have to forgo junk food entirely. A little snacking here and there (even when it isn’t healthy stuff) is fine if done in moderation. Also make sure you watch any alcohol intake. An occasional glass of wine etc. is perfectly fine, in fact, some doctors even encourage it.

So that you’re more active in checking your health needs this year and beyond, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Along with your doctor’s care, your family and friends can also weigh-in on how to better live your life when it comes to simple medical practices.

In the end, knowing that others care about your longevity should give you enough of a push to take better care of yourself.

As a man (or woman for that matter), what health tips do you recommend for the millions of men out there?