3 Tips to Avoid Run-ins with the Police

Are you someone who is doing all you can to live a clean life when it comes to not getting into trouble? If so, you are like millions and millions of people nationwide.

That said it seems there are always those individuals who just can’t steer clear of run-ins with the police.

Whether not using their heads or just plain dumb luck, they seem to have one encounter after another with law enforcement. Those encounters can end up being costly in a couple of different ways.


First, having multiple run-ins with the police can lead to not only expensive fines, but even jail time. As a result, one can find it hard to sustain a good income if they’re in and out of work.

Secondly, more than normal contact with law enforcement can lead to strained relations with family and friends, leaving an individual finding themself all alone over time.

With that in mind, are you doing all you can to lead a life where you’re not looking over your shoulder all of the time for law enforcement?

Avoiding Trouble Isn’t Really That Hard

So that you are able to keep your nose clean, remember a few pointers:

  1. Being alert – For starters, are you alert about not only what you are doing in your daily life but also what you may have forgotten about or simply put on the back-burner. For example, have you ever done an online warrant check? If not, you might want to take a few minutes and go to your computer or mobile device. By looking to see if you have an outstanding warrant out there, you can give yourself some peace of mind, hopefully noting that there are no such warrants you need to be concerned with. Take note that all you need for such a search is the right online tool, a tool that allows you to do a name search. Assuming you are clean, you likely will sleep a little better at night;
  2. Being lawful – For countless individuals, their first run-in with law enforcement oftentimes comes when they are behind the wheel. Although most people do not go out of their way to get pulled over, seeing those flashing lights in your rearview mirror is not all that uncommon. If you do have such an encounter, make sure you pull over as quickly and safely as possible. Above all else, always be cooperative with the police. Given the news headlines in recent years, most people paying any attention know that some contacts between individuals and police have turned violent. So that your encounter stays as peaceful as possible, answer all questions honestly, do not make any sudden moves that could be considered threatening to an officer, and be sure to have all of your paperwork (driver’s license, registration, and insurance) up to date.

Make Smart Decisions

  1. Private and public choices – Finally, what you do in your private and public actions will ultimately determine if you have a run-in with law enforcement. For instance, if you have that neighbor who absolutely drives you crazy with a barking dog or a noisy vehicle, don’t escalate things by confronting them in a hostile manner. If you can’t reason with them and you’ve exhausted all options, let the police handle the matter. That is a much better choice than going next door and taking a swing at the neighbor. When out in public, always use your head too. For example, drinking too much can cause myriad of issues. With the possibility of being pulled over while driving already mentioned, too much alcohol can also lead to public fights etc. Before acting out, always think about the possible repercussions.

Any encounters you have with law enforcement should be on the positive side.

Given you likely have enough stress in your daily life; do you really need trouble with a man or woman in a uniform too?