Pilates Easily Explained

When a new type of exercise becomes popular around the world, you start hearing all about it from all over the place. It advocates will say that it is the best exercise ever created and that it can solve every physical ailment that you have. Over the past several decades we have seen Fitness crazes around aerobics, zumba, Yoga, Aqua- aerobics, and dozens of other exercise regimens. Some are very old and have only recently been brought to the mainstream. Others are new and look to capitalize on the latest trends.

One exercise regimen that has been entrenched in the mainstream and continues to gain popularity is Pilates. This full body fitness system was developed in the early 2000s, by Joseph Pilates who initially called his system Contrology because of its particular focus on controlled movements.

Pilates is a system of defined and precise body movements that, when incorporated with controlled breathing, exercise the entire body. There is also a mental component to Pilates and students report that when they practice the exercise system they have a greater sense of well-being.

There are two levels of Pilates. The first level is done with a mat only. These Pilates classes are suitable for beginner to advanced students of all ages and are aimed at helping students to learn to understand their bodies better and gain control over the different parts of their body.

Pilates also offers more advanced classes. These classes are reformer Pilates and utilize a bed type apparatus with a sliding base that allows for different levels of resistance and more complex exercises to be performed. Pilates reformer classes can be very rigorous and quite challenging. However students of these classes report great benefits.

No matter which level of Pilates class you take, the exercise regimen delivers great health benefits. Here are some of the most widely reported Pilates benefits.

Improved Core Strength

Your core is one of the most important parts of your body in terms of overall strength and balance. Your core is the area between your pelvis and heart. Internally there are many important organs in this area and they are surrounded by strong muscle groups that are critical in helping those organs function well and providing stability and balance for your body. Pilates focuses on strengthening those core muscles.

Toning Your Muscles

Building stronger, toned muscles not only looks good, but is also important for everyday activities. Pilates exercises will increase muscle tone in the arms, legs, abdomen, shoulders, back and buttocks. You’ll find day to day activities a lot easier and simple tasks like lifting and bending accomplished with ease.