The Pros and Cons of Being a CEOs Wife

The vast majority of CEOs in this country are men, and most of those men are married. This means that they all have wives, who have to deal with being a CEOs wife. Many complain the fact that they rarely see their husbands. In fact, for Karen Phillips, wife of CEO Charles Phillips Infor ‘affair’ is a better way to describe the relationship he has with his work. But she will be ready to admit that there are advantages to every disadvantage of being married to a CEO. So if your husband is about to take up that position, what can you expect?


  1. CEOs Have to Deal with Many Responsibilities

Many responsibilities means more money, which is a good thing. But it also means that they may bring their work home, quite literally. Many CEO wives say they are an ‘office widow’.

  1. CEOs Never Not Work

As a CEO, the job never stops. They always have their phones on them, they always have a quick conversation to have with someone, and so on. This means having to deal with many interruptions. On the plus side, CEOs often treat their wives to very nice nights out, even if they get interrupted, by way of apology.

  1. Everyone Always Watches the CEO

What a CEO wears, what they drive, where they go, how they are around their wives, everything is under scrutiny. CEOs also go through waves of being popular and not popular. This means you will go through periods with many invitations, and some where no one will seem to want to know you.

  1. CEOs Are Celebrities

Big CEOs are very famous people, and this comes with perks. You will probably get invited to big events, asked to endorse certain products, and get loads of freebies. But your husband may also get recognized on the street, by both his lovers and his haters.

  1. CEOs Go to Social Events, Lots of Them

A large part of a CEO’s job is networking. This means they will constantly have invitations to dinner parties, cocktails at the country club, skiing in the Hamptons, and so on. This can be a whole lot of fun. However, it can be difficult to keep enjoying these social events if you don’t get to have any time for yourself.

So are you ready to be a CEOs wife, or not? More and more are, thankfully, taking an active involvement in their family’s life. Male CEOs want to be there for their son’s Little League games and their daughter’s dance recital. Furthermore, they know that people want to have a better work life balance, and they also know that others won’t achieve that if they, as CEO, don’t model it themselves. Hence, for this generation’s CEO wives, things are getting much better. In fact, you will end up keeping just the perks (the social circles, the invitations, the freebies), but not in such a way that it goes to the determinant of your own personal time.