Putting Pipe Plugs to Work for Your Project

An expert plumber would be putting pipe plugs to work on a project like this one
Photo by CC user beigephotos on Flickr

If you have a major commercial or utility maintenance project on your hands, where will you turn to make sure you have all the proper working parts in place to succeed?

As many project managers have found over the years, the costs to do both construction and maintenance continue to rise. As a result, there is the need to do one’s research ahead of any projects, making sure they can find the best parts at the best prices.

If the necessary item for maintenance would be pipe plugs, knowing where to turn to get the best ones available is critical.

There’s typically a pair of versions available when it comes to putting pipe plugs to work, notably blocking and bypass, however different plugs obviously serve different needs.

The former serve to entirely stem the pipe flow; the latter can be used in tandem with measuring devices to pressure test pipe systems and come up with the answer for flow rates. With normal tire valves in place, it is rather easy to both inflate and deflate them as deemed necessary.

For those workers tasked with heavy-duty projects, there is the option for municipal pipe plugs, plugs which range is a number of sizes. As is the case with the commercial series, the municipal plugs can be put to use in order to prohibit the entire flow or instead opt for a bypass valve, allowing flow-through maintenance.

If you are working on sewer systems and/or other sizable pipes, you can opt for large diameter inflatable pipe plugs, which are easy to maneuver into place. These would prove a perfect fit when working with manhole and other areas where access is key.

Still another option is high pressure mechanical pipe plugs.

Such plugs are a solid fit when working with high-pressure water mains and/or nuclear cooling lines. These plugs prove highly dependable, especially when total control and safety are the top priorities.

Lastly, make sure any supplies you get are properly stored prior to being installed on projects.

This will help keep them new, along with keeping them from being misplaced and/or stolen.

Finding the Right Plugs in No Time

Now that you have an idea of some of the pipe plugs you can shoot for, what are some of the best ways to go about getting them in your hands?

First, you likely already have a number of connections through your business, so using those relationships should allow you to find the needed supplies sooner rather than later.

Secondly, the Internet is a great resource tool for ordering just about any product or service you require, be it to purchase or rent.

The best way to get started is doing a general Google search of the kind of plug or plugs you will require for the project or projects in front of you.

For instance, if you need a pipe plug, an online search using that term will direct you to some of the businesses that sell and/or rent such items.

From there, it is rather easy to review each business and what they have to offer.

In looking at each brand available, determine how long they have been in the pipe plug business, what types of plugs they have to offer, if they rent them (along with selling them), what the typical costs are for each and every part you need, and what kind of customer feedback they have received over time.

The last issue is especially important, so be sure to get as much information as possible.

Given today’s digital age, it is not uncommon for consumers (including businesses buying products and services from other businesses) to leave some feedback online.

While you should always take the feedback with a grain of salt, it is a good idea to at least read up on as much of it as you can. This will give you a better idea if you are going with the right company for your pipe plug requirements.

When it comes to getting the right parts for your pending jobs, doing some homework and turning to the Internet are certainly two good ways to get going.

In doing so, you will plug-up any loose ends your business may have.