Successful People Who Didn’t Finish School

Some of the World’s most successful and famous people are the ones who have both studied and worked hard throughout their careers. Many of the heads of business and successful politicians got to where they are as a result of their attitude and hard work that they put in throughout their lives, starting at school and attaining high grades.


On the other side of the coin however, is a group of very special people, a group of people who decided that for on reason or another, that school was no longer for them and they dropped out. Unlike many who dropped out of high school, this special group of people have gone on to lead incredibly successful and financially rewarding careers, let’s take a look at some of the people in this elite group.

TB Joshua

The highly inspirational and powerful pastor and prophet TB Joshua never even made it into his second year of high school, the ‘small pastor’ as he was known back then did not let his lack of education stop him from inspiring others though and he created the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) after a holy vision. The church that he created is now on of the largest in the World to indicate its global popularity, recent tourism figures suggest that 6 in 10 of all tourists who enter Nigeria are going there to visit the church. The pastor has gained notoriety for his many successful prophecies and his powerful sermons.

Richard Branson

The English entrepreneur and creator of the Virgin brand, Richard Branson took one of the most important decisions in his life when he was just 15 years old and decided to quit school. Branson has since spoken out about his decision and claims that he didn’t feel as though the education system was giving him the tools necessary to survive in the real world. Branson used his time wisely and began setting up a number of small companies in various industries. Fast forward 50 years and Branson is now one of the World’s wealthiest men who has overseen over 500 companies and and created a brand that is known the World over.

David Karp

The creator of the immensely successful social media and microblogging platform Tumblr is David Karp, a man who left a highly prestigious science school at age 15 to start work on his new concept of a website. After 6 years of toiling away in his mother’s New York apartment, Karp sold his website to Yahoo for a cool $1.1 billion dollars, this move not only secured Karp’s future as CEO of his business but also netted him fortune of around $200 million. Karl is a highly influential figure in the online world and he is incredibly vocal about the way in which the internet is changing the way in which we live our lives. Powerful, rich and successful, not bad for a high school drop out.