Tips for Dating


PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Airman 1st Class Mike Robles and his wife, Liza, enjoy a private moment during a slow dance at the 50th Space Wing Holiday Party Friday at the Peterson Air Force Base Consolidated Club. Airman Robles helped set up audiovisual equipment before the party. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Don Branum)

For something most of us do, dating seems to be something no one’s really comfortable with or otherwise ready for. And, that makes sense. We’re all a little self-conscious, at least. Some more than others. However, with that in mind, what is there to really worry about? I know it’s not that simple, however, so here is some practical advice to make dating just a little bit easier.

For starters, work on body language. Communication is largely nonverbal, because humans are great at reading body language and micro-expressions to fill in the gaps in social situations. In other words, your discomfort will likely just make your date uncomfortable and put pressure on both of you. Maintaining good posture is a good place to start, but let’s not forget that crossing your arms sends a defensive or aggressive signal that is just not conducive to the dating scene. Nervous fidgeting is also a thing to be avoided, as it’s perhaps the clearest indicator of your discomfort. Keeping eye contact during conversation is also important, but constant eye contact can be off-putting, so use your best judgment here. It’s best to be as relaxed as possible, but short of that, “fake it til you make it” is a good mantra. Projecting a calm and confident essence helps to create calm confidence.

Of course, your appearance is also important. That’s not to say superficiality or impossible beauty standards are important, but, rather, your hygiene and fashion sense make an important impression on people, and you only get one first impression, so make it count. Try to shower not long before your date, but, since most romantic dates take place in the evening or at night, this isn’t always possible. However, some basic grooming just before your date takes little time and is essential to starting a relationship in the right place. Likewise, your choice of apparel is important. Make sure not to wear yesterday’s clothes, for example, and don’t wear damaged clothes, either. Try to avoid any clothing that might offend your date out of context, as well. If you’re in need of some new clothes to help your make your first impression, consider shopping with a clothing retailer like Buckle to put together an outfit that’s sure to impress. Now, get out there and make your first impression a great one.