Best Ways to Entertain the Kids at Home

Obviously, we love our children but keeping them entertained in the house can be a full time job, especially on rainy days or in the holidays. As much as we try to keep them away from being sucked in to a world of TV entertainment it can be difficult to continuously come up with ideas and games that will keep them happy, entertain them and if possible, surreptitiously educate them. Sadly we don’t live in a world where we can allow our children to roam the streets for hours on end with no idea of their whereabouts and despite the benefit of being able to give them a mobile phone to keep us up to date with where they are, there are times when entertaining them in the house is your only option. For days like these, here are some top tips to keep your kids happy.


Board Games

Once considered a thing of the past, board games are still very much one of the most fun things that you can do with your kids. Whether they are strategy based games like Monopoly and Cluedo or fun and silly games like Jenga and Bucaroo you are bound to have hours of fun playing with your kids. The children may turn their noses up at first but be sure that they will soon have smiles on their faces. The best thing about board games is that they give you good, quality, face to face time with your children.

DIY Project

A DIY project with your kids can really get their creative and imaginative juices flowing, it will also give them a great sense of achievement upon completion. The type of project is up to you but perhaps you could make musical instruments together, or buy and old piece of furniture from a charity shop and decorate it together. If you are feeling really adventurous then consider something like a pre-bought car set that you need to build before using, the options are limitless and the joy that your kids will have will be a joy to see.

Computer Games

Computer games aren’t the evil things that many parents see them as, firstly there are hundreds of very educational games out there for both your kids and for the family. Secondly, children’s fun doesn’t always have to be educational, sometimes beating up bad guys online or joy riding cars on a console can provide a great deal of harmless fun for your children. To help the kids out a little you can give them some game cheats that will give them a little help when playing their favourite games, visit I Want Cheats for some cheats and tips to give to your child. Remember that to keep everyone happy, it is important that you put some rules in place for your children around how long they sped on the console, having fun playing computer games is one thing but they can become incredibly addictive and the last thing that you want is a zombie child who wants to do nothing more than lock themselves in a room playing their console.