The Body Positive Movement Is On The Rise

Some women are feeling sick and tired of being ashamed of their bodies, and it’s about time! Rather than feeling shame or anxiety about their bodies, Movemeant,a confidence-building organization that has recently begin to teach middle school girls to embrace the unique shape of their bodies would like women to start to show off their stomachs when they are working out. Movemeant kicked off its body positive campaign with an extremely uplifting video that shows many women exercising freely with their #bellyjelly on full display.

Movemeant is now fundraising in an effort to teach its body positive curriculum in middle schools all over the US and to help young girls stay positive and better appreciate their bodies at an age when they are not fully able to defend against the media and body-based bullying. The pilot program is currently being taught in ten California Bay-Area schools.

All this body positivity is reverberating in retail as well. Body positive models like Robyn Lawley and Ashley Graham (who currently has her own line of plus size swimwear with online retailer swimsuitsforall) are encouraging designers and retailers alike to make more options for more body types. Graham’s line stresses that cute full figured swimsuits don’t have to be boring anymore — especially with today’s rising awareness and designers embracing hip trends and finally offering up incredible plus size swimsuits for women online.

The Body Positive Movement is on the rise

Depending on a woman’s body type and confidence, she may want to go for the classic two piece bathing suit. Some women love to wear these suits as they are reminiscent of the classic bikini and show off their beautiful curves. On the other hand, some woman may prefer a classic one piece bathing suit. Each style can be worn on any type of body; it’s all about confidence and finding the right bathing suit that matches your unique body. Often the two-piece suit won’t offer as much support so it is important to look at the manufacturing details.

Many women have the hourglass shape, so choosing a swimsuit that shows off the good parts and hides the problem areas is often a major concern. With a slim waist, a bold print, a belt, or something to enhance the area, you can show off your body with confidence.

The pear-shaped body has small shoulders and bust but larger bottom areas and someone with this shape will want to wear swimsuits that draw the attention upward. Bright colors on the top and cool solid colors below are a great style choice. Another option for this body are fun halter top bikinis and tankini sets. These halter tops will draw attention to the flattering areas like those beautiful collar bones and shoulders.

No matter your body type, finding the perfect plus size swimwear does not have to be challenging. The most important thing to do is be certain of your size and shape before making a purchase.