Preparing for a Family Trip to Orlando

Orlando sees hundreds of thousands of families each year head to the city to enjoy sun and adventure in what is pretty much the World’s theme park. If you have decided to take the kids away to Orlando this year then you have made a very smart choice. One thing that should be considered is that whilst this will be a vacation for you, it will be very different from a fortnight at the beach and you will need to be planned and prepared if you want to avoid it becoming too stressful.


As a parent who has taken kids away 3 times to Orlando, I feel that I’m well placed to offer some tips on how to prepare. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do before you go on your next holiday to Orlando.

Park Tickets

When it comes to park and show tickets, the best value is buying them online before you go. Not only will this method save you some money, it will also save you a great deal of stress when you are on your vacations. Sit down with the family and make a plan of which attractions you want to see, then go ahead and get booked. This also prevents kids from wanting to do every single thing that they see advertised when they are away as you will already have your plan.

Don’t Pack it Too Tight

There is an incredible amount of things to see and do in Orlando but it will be important that you don’t pack the schedule too tight. The kids will want to explore and really take their time around the parks and the attractions and if you hurry them along then it may spoil it a little for them.

Snap Happy

Keep the kids happy and buy them a disposable camera which they can take away with them on the trip. The beauty of a disposable camera is that if it gets lost, then it has cost you very little. The kids will love to snap their favorite Disney characters or the marine life at Sea World and more importantly it will give them memories that are special to them once you get back home.

Pay Attention to Shoes

When it comes to packing the kids’ stuff, you should be planning for searing temperatures so lots of light and short clothing. One thing that ought to be considered very seriously, for the whole family, is what footwear you intend to take. You will be doing a hell of a lot of walking during your stay in Orlando and you should ensure that you have the correct footwear for it. The last thing you need is blisters on day two when you still have all of the big parks to hit.

Big Finish

Try to plan for the biggest attractions towards the end of your vacation, this way you can use them as a bartering tool to keep your children well behaved. Your kids will be busting at the seams with excitement during their stay in Orlando and this can often lead to bad behavior, enticing them with the big finish should calm them down a little bit.