When Love Truly Wins Out Over All Else

When Love Truly Wins Out Over All Else, we all win
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How important is love in your life?

For millions of people around the globe, love is what keeps them going on a regular basis.

It can be a variety of forms of love, love that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Whether it is among family members, friends, one’s love for their career, the love of traveling and seeing much of the beauty the world has to offer, love is available in so many ways.

When you stop to think about it, love is oftentimes different for millions of people.

Put 10 people in a room together and you likely will get 10 different responses as to what each person loves.

Most importantly, never think what someone else loves is not as important as how you define love. Doing so would not only be rude, but it is also more than likely incorrect.

Examples Where Love Truly Does Show Itself

If you’re searching for some examples of love truly showing itself over the years, take a look at some examples:

  • Seeing the Virgin Mary for her own eyes – When Belgian Mariette Beco was a child, she had more than one experience that would forever follow her around in life. While Beco did not want to voluntarily discuss the matter in her later years, her childhood experiences were nonetheless amazing. For eight times over a two-year period, Beco reported seeing the Virgin Mary. In doing so, the former would be tasked with presenting the Virgin Mary’s message of compassion and love for others, especially those who were suffering in one manner or another. While Beco’s own mother was certainly skeptical of sightings, the young girl believed in them nonetheless. The message her is that love takes on all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and of course actions. What you see as love for others may be viewed quite differently by many people. That said the message of hope and loving others would live on in Beco for the remainder of her life;
  • Dying only hours apart – You oftentimes see the stories on the television, read about them in a newspaper or magazine, and even come across them online. Those couples with a lifetime of love for one another passing away within hours of each other. While some individuals will go on in life to be widows or widowers for decades, it certainly is not uncommon for two partners to die within hours, days, months, even years of one another. When the love of your life has left you, life takes on a whole new meaning. Yes, many survivors go into what can best be described as survival mode, something their deceased partner would want them to do. When you hear of longtime couples dying within minutes, hours, weeks etc. of one another, don’t be totally shocked. For those couples, their love for another meant everything to them.

When People Reunite After Years of Torment

  • Renewing a love for one another – Whether it was a family disagreement, perhaps something started by a marital argument etc. countless families and friendships have gone south over the years. In some cases, those bonds are forever broken. Oftentimes, stubbornness takes over, leaving one or both parties too difficult to put their ego in check. In other instances, there is a chance that parties will at least be civil towards one another, maybe even renew a relationship that seemed destined for the history books. If you find yourself (or even a loved one in this situation), will you try to work things out? At worst, the relationship will never blossom again. On the flip side, the parties will realize that they do have much in common, including showing love for one another even when there are minor to serious disagreements.

If you’ve found love missing from your life in recent times, do you know exactly why that is?

Although you are likely consumed with work, maybe school, and perhaps even raising kids, take the time to figure out why you are not truly happy.

In some cases, you can correct the problem rather easily. In other instances, you will discover that finding true love once again is more difficult than you ever thought it could be.

Just remember, when love truly wins out over all else, you and yours stand to benefit.