Can You Really Help to Save the Planet

You may think that saving the planet is a job only for crazy scientists, government officials or super heroes but the truth is that there is something which each and every one of us can and should be doing in order to improve the chances of saving our planet. For years now we have mistreated planet Earth and we are now in a position where global warming and climate change are genuinely threatening the World and we are seeing evidence of this already with meting glaciers.


Believe it or not, you can help to slow down or eradicate completely the effects of global warming and you don’t need to be a scientist to do it. By making just some small changes in your daily lives you can join the other inspirational people like Jonathan Schrag who are fighting to save our planet.

Cut Down Your Electricity Usage

Whilst we are searching, and finding, new ways in which to produce energy using naturally resources, the unfortunate truth is that we still rely heavily on the burning of fuels for our electricity. The burning of these fuels produce a worrying amount of carbon emissions and the best place for you to start helping our planet is through the reduction of your electricity usage. Simple things like turning off lights around the home when they are not in use, unplugging gadgets and switching off chargers and appliances when not using them will see you significantly reduce both your energy bills and your energy usage.

Public Transport and Car-Pooling

Cars are particularly damaging to the environment they pump out fumes from the burning of petrol and diesel and release dangerous carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere. You can do your bit by reducing the amount of time that you drive and instead look into options such as public transport and car-pooling. There have been some excellent advancements in the car industry and we now have lots of low-emission and zero emission electric cars on the road. If you don’t have one of these cars however then it is time that you look at shared ways of getting around or using things like bicycles for short journeys.

Eat Local and Seasonal

You may wish to eat your favorite exotic fruit all year around but it is important to understand the travel that is involved in getting it to your plate and the amount of emissions that are pumped out as a result. It is estimated that on average, produce needs to travel around 2,000km to get to your dinner table and this involves boats and planes transporting the goods, both of which emit a dangerous amount of carbon dioxide. The best course of action for you to take is to try and buy from local shops and farms and eat the seasonal fruit and vegetables that are on offer. You may not think that you can impact things dramatically with a choice like this but if everyone in the World was to do it then we could make a huge difference.