Make the world a better place through charitable acts

For too long, we have focused on our own needs, completely ignoring the plight of the less fortunate. This isn’t an intentional and malicious act by most people, as modern life has conspired to convince us that we don’t have the time nor the money to help those outside our inner circles.


Non-profit leaders and the head of religious organizations such as SCOAN could not disagree more with this assessment, as there are many ways that anyone could make the world a better place through charitable acts.

Below, we will share how easy it is to make your community a brighter place to be in 2017.

Start by donating money 

An easy way to get involved in charity is to simply commit a percentage of your income every month to a cause of your choice.

While it may lack the impact that one could have by physically volunteering, many charities are on the constant outlook for funding, as sponsorships are can be fleeting and outside of major fundraising events, funds run short in a hurry.

Brainstorm your interests or simply look to whatever cause is in greatest need and start by donating as little as $10.

Soon after, lock it in by setting up an automatic debit for a specific percentage of your monthly income. When you do this, you will feel a sense of gratification that will motivate you to do even more.

Who needs your help the most?

When it comes to volunteering, it may not always be obvious where you should donate your efforts. If you cannot find something that you are passionate about right out of the gate, do some research on the social cause that has a demonstrated demand for volunteers in your community.

Does the local soup kitchen needs people to serve up plates of food for the homeless? Get in there and help.

If you have extra suits or shirts that you do not wear anymore, donate it to a charity that helps disadvantaged job seekers dress properly for interviews.

We guarantee that there is something you can do to help one of the organizations in your area, even if it is just walking around handing out blankets to cold people on the street.

Invite a friend along with you

Feeling a little shy? Invite one of your friends to come along with you. Chances are, they also want to do more for the less fortunate, but have suffered from cold feet in the past, just like you.

By committing to doing good deeds together, not only will you help each other get over your collective shyness, but the act of pairing up will at least double the impact that you will both have on the community.

Avoid cause snobbery

Various charities help people in many different ways. However, some feel that their favorite organizations are more worthy than the others, and in doing so, they put down the hard and noble work that you and your fellow volunteers are doing.

If this happens to you, ignore the slight, as it is never a bad thing for other human beings to use their free time to act in the service of others.

Don’t engage in this sort of snobbery yourself, as discouraging others from performing good deeds acts as a net negative on the well-being of society. Think about that.