Top 7 Tips for Solo Travel

The following Tips for Solo Travel will get you out of your computer chair and out into the wide world out there ... photo by CC user mario_carvajal on Flickr

You donate need to be an intrepid traveler to enjoy taking a solo vacation; neither do you need to be on a group tour for you to discover all the exciting and cool experiences that the world has in store for you. Irrespective of your gender, anyone can take a solo vacation and enjoy it, sometimes even more than you would with someone else.

Here are a few tips for solo travel to help you do so successfully on your own…

1. Do your research

In the advent of the internet, it is now easier to preview a potential destination. Remember, official tourism websites only paint the rosiest pictures to attract visitors. To get the real lowdown, search forums such as Traveltalkonline that are among the best places to get in-depth information about culture and safety from the locals. You will also have your questions and concerns answered without bias.

2. Stay connected

Search for warnings about your destination from websites such as the US Department of State. You need to register with your embassy before you travel so that your government can contact you in case alerts escalate or if a crisis arises at home. Also, research for cyber cafes around the areas you will be staying. These will help you connect with your friends and family about your ongoing itinerary and whereabouts.

3. Pack smart

When traveling alone, ensure all your essentials are in your carry-on just in case you lose your luggage. Include in it a complete change of clothes for cold, hot and wet weather, medications, walking shoes, all identifications, and valuable electronics. Split up your credit cards and cash into different spots so in case you lose one set, another remains. Also, dress comfortably and stash some emergency cash on you.

4. Be aware

Protection of personal valuables and personal safety can be a great concern, but donate be paranoid about them. Avoid dressing like an obvious a tourist (patches of your home country flag, cameras swinging, fanny packs, etc.). Donate flash money, wear expensive jewelry, or expose expensive technology. Also, be aware of your environment and stick to the main roads. Avoid poorly-lit areas as much as you can. And if you end up in unsavory areas, walk with confidence.

5. Be creative

It is wise not to let strangers discover you are alone. It is therefore perfectly acceptable to speak a few white lies such as letting people imagine you are waiting for someone until you are sure you can trust them. Be creative in finding places to store stuff such as cash and hotel keys when you must leave them behind such as when out swimming at the beach or in the pool. You can obtain travel gadgets made specifically for this purpose.

6. Make friends with professionals

Scout for secret spots by befriending local service people such as taxi drivers, security guards, store clerks, hotel staff, and servers. Donâte forget to offer generous tips to make lasting impressions.

7. Meet people

An excellent way to have fun without restrictions is vacationing alone. However, you may eventually get lonely. The best formula to meet friendly people is to be a real tourist. You can join a group tour for an outing, or seek the company of like-minded locals who share a hobby you enjoy. Decide to attend one of their functions, or attend a local church service of your faith.

Traveling alone can be fun as long as you are well prepared. Do a thorough investigation of the potential area before you embark. And when you arrive, take bold steps and enjoy your vacation. If you need information about hotel accommodation, especially in Las Vegas hotels, visit websites such as

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.